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Announcements for Feb. 27

high school only

FRESHMEN – There are changes to our FIG schedule.  There is one more FIG meeting this week on Friday, March 1.   Next week there will be two FIG meetings – one on Monday, March 4 and one on Thursday, March 7.  Check the College Corner for your assigned group & date.   All FIG meetings are during Lyceum in the Library.  Please arrive by 12:45pm.  

 Environmental Club meeting on Wednesday at lunch in room 302, all are welcome to attend!  

Parking Permits: All student drivers must have a parking permit to park on campus. If you do not have a school issued permit on your dash, you will get a warning. If you continue to park without a permit, your car may get booted/towed. Please see the front desk with any questions about the parking permit application process. Find all information re: applications/payments online at chandlerprep.greatheartsacademies.org

high school and middle School          

It’s Triad Spirit Week!

It’s time to celebrate Our Triad, which consists of 3 areas, Athletics, Academics and Arts.

Monday is our Kick off day with Triad Botts Beans at lunch time and quidditch player selection.

Tuesday is Athletic day. At lyceum go out to the field to watch Quidditch practice!

Wednesday is Academic day. We have CPA trivia happening all week, but double trivia today.

Thursday is Arts day. Wear crazy, artsy socks. At lunch and lyceum, help color in the HUGE CPA zentangle or color your own.

Friday is Triad Spirit day. Details coming soon!

Titan Trivia is back and this time wristbands for the triad will be given out! Trivia will happen all week and the winners will be announced on Friday!

High School: How old are the oldest fossils on earth?

Middle School: How many fingers did Ann Boleyn have?

Drama Club rehearsal is canceled for afterschool TODAY because of the faculty meeting. See you all on Friday

 Archery and Bowyery – We had our final archery challenge of the quarter.  It was very close; all three finalists won at least one of the challenges!  1st place – Anna Skarupa, 2nd place – Sean Williams, 3rd place – Alex Pham. 

 “Students can pick up their pre-ordered Triad t-shirts on Thursday at lunch.   Pre-ordered Triad wristbands and raffle tickets can be picked up at lunch on Friday.  T-shirts and wristbands will be passed out in the forum.  Any t-shirts, wristbands and raffle tickets that are not picked up at lunch can be picked up the Triad entrance on Friday evening.”           

Missing a lunch box, expensive water bottle, pencil bag, or clothing item? Please check the lost and found- and the locker rooms! – every week, as all unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill, every weekend. The lost and found is not your locker! Take a few minutes to check the bookshelf across from the front desk, and the book shelf in the cafeteria by the vending machines. Thank you!

If you’ve lost your school-issued planner/agenda, the front desk has them on sale for $3.00.

A friendly reminder to keep track of your school-issued textbooks: The lost and found is not your locker. Please keep your books in your possession. All found books will be returned to teachers, and you may be docked participation points for lack of materials.

Have you danced the night away in some attire that now is just sitting in closet collecting dust? If you have any old dresses, purses, and/or accessories, you can donate the to the Cinderella Affair. This is a non-profit organization that gives girls opportunity to find a dress to wear so that they are now able to attend their prom! There is a donation box in the forum that includes any additional information. Please contact Ava Callesen, 10th grade, with any questions. 

Drama Club is having an ALL CALL for all rehearsals this week. So everyone is needed on Monday, and Friday afterschool in the theatre. This is a very important week. Everyone please come and stop by so we can figure out the future of the play.