Cell Phones

  • Cell Phones are to be powered off and in your backpacks from the moment you walk into the building to the time you leave campus. This means that cell phones may not be used while you are in the building, waiting to be picked up. If a student has their cell phone powered on, or on their person at any point during the day, a teacher will take the cell phone and deliver it to an Assistant Headmaster. The student will need to go to the front desk and call their parents to come pick up the phone.
  • For high school students, if there is a second offense, Mr. Haley will most likely sell the phone on some website, give 1/2 the proceeds to a teacher and the other 1/2 to the school. Mr. Haley does offer parents the option to store student cell phones for free for the remainder of the school year. Please let your parents know of this new type of “cell phone service.”
  • All humor aside, cell phones are not to be powered on or on your person at any point of the day, and teachers or staff will confiscate students’ cell phones.


CPA Seniors! If you are travelling to DC in March and enrolled, please take a moment from your busy schedule and visit the EF portal and ensure that your name is EXACTLY as it is on any documents used for identification. This is especially IMPORTANT if you are/will be 18 at the time of travel. Any questions ask or email Mrs. Kurus.