Attention High School students, if you want to serve our community or volunteer but don’t know how to do it during these crazy times, join the Key Cub as we have many opportunities to volunteer both on and off campus while being distant.  There are sign-up sheets in the cafeteria and the bulletin board outside the theatre.  IF you have any questions, please see Itzhel Caballero or Sra. Kendrick for more information. 


Reminder for all 7th graders – your recorder is ONLY to be played IN MUSIC CLASS and AT HOME, no other place on campus. Thank you.


Attention CPA community, the Key Club is running a book drive from now until January 29th.  We are looking for all genres of books in good condition.  The books are for resale on and all money from the sales are donated back to the community and to hospitals. We appreciate any book that you can donate for this cause.   If you have any questions, please contact Sra. Kendrick.  Thank you! 

Reminder: If your parent is dropping off items for you during the day, such as: lunches, water bottles, glasses, assignments, or school supplies, please take a moment at the start of your lunch period to come to the Front Desk to look for your forgotten items. It is your responsibility to check. You will not be called out of class to pick-up items.

Specific Lunch Reminder: If it is lunch time and you realize that you do not have a lunch, you may have forgotten it at home. Please stop by the front desk – parents drop off forgotten lunches every day. We already have several lunches on the forgotten lunches drop off cart, this morning. When in doubt, check it out!