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GRAD NIGHT is a Senior class lock-in on May 24th at Uptown Jungle and IHOP. There will be dodgeball, trampolines, Hypnotist Jeff Bliss, DJ and dance. Lots of food. . . and more! Sign up on the PSO website before May 17!! You don’t want to miss it!

Juniors – Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14th during High School Lunch, Mrs. Adkins and Mrs. Drake will be in the cafeteria to collect money and ticket stubs, as well as ALL unsold tickets for the 50/50 Raffle.  Please make sure you bring your money to be deposited and any unsold tickets.  Remember, for every 10 tickets you sell, you are entered in the drawing for a pair of Apple AirPods.  Thank you to all students who have sold tickets.  The drawing for the 50/50 Raffle is May 20th.   The AirPod drawing will be held May 20th also.

JUNIORS – our last mandatory College 101 of the year is Tuesday, May 14 during lyceum in the theater.  Please arrive by 12:45pm to hear our panel share their senior year experiences and advice.


Congratulations, orchestras, jazz ensemble, and select recorder ensemble!  Your spring concert and your year, overall, was certainly a success.  Please turn in your music right after school TOMORROW in room 213 and pick up a treat!  Only 8th graders rehearse this week – everyone else, your next rehearsal is in August!  Looking for a summer music opportunity?  There are many local and national choices available…. See Mrs. Gottry.

Women’s choir club students- we will meet on one more Tuesday morning, tomorrow May 14, in room 306. Come at 7:30 since we don’t need a full hour. We will turn in music, watch our concert video, and say bye to the seniors. See you there!

Attention all students: On Tuesday, please come to a short meeting in the gym during lunch if you’re interested in getting information about fall cross country or summer running club. Run, Titans! Run!

Drama Club!! Join us for our final drama club Monday the 13th. We are having a bit of a cast party for our successful show and having a sendoff for the senior members! Hope to see all drama club members for one last ride! 

Student drivers and walkers: There have been a few incidents of concern during morning and afternoon carpool, lately. Please obey all stop signs and stop at all crosswalks. Drive slowly in the school parking lot and in the carpool loop. Do not use your cellphone while driving. Keep your attention on where you are going and make eye contact with other drivers and pedestrians.

OVER 6,000 PEOPLE WORLDWIDE STEP ON A LANDMINE each year and are killed or maimed. HERO RATS can clear a tennis court-sized field in only 20 minutes!!  Donate all this week in the cafeteria, so CPA can sponsor more rats to save more lives in developing countries! Good job, high school students, kicking it up a notch last Friday!

“MEET AND GREET” JORGE, THE THERAPY PIG, TODAY in the theater during both MS and HS Lyceum. Sherry Friend, Jorge (George’s) owner will speak about how therapy animals are used to relieve stress and anxiety. Come release your pre-finals stress with a pig pat!

OUR RAMADA IS LOOKING BEAUTIFUL with the completed mural by the Art Club, the succulent planters from the PSO, and now, the wonderful bench and added seating around the tree built by Mr. Brown. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPILL FOOD AND DRINKS on this bench! The material this bench is constructed of is very expensive, and drinks, ketchup, taco sauce, etc. will permanently stain it. Please keep it clean and remind your friends and classmates, too. Thank you!

Textbook return begins Tuesday, May 21st. Please collect all your textbooks, and have them ready to turn in, to avoid a costly replacement fee. Thank you.

Students are expected to be seated in their classrooms ready to begin class work prior to the late bell. A tardy is defined as “not being in an assigned seat when the late bell rings”. From The Family Handbook: “The school disapproves of the accumulation of unexcused late arrivals to school, irrespective of the circumstances. Persistent first-period tardiness is highly disruptive of instruction and undermines student morale. On the third occasion for high school (fourth for middle school) that a student has an unexcused first-period tardy in a quarter, a detention will be issued to the student by the first–period teacher. For each subsequent unexcused first period tardy in the quarter, another detention will be issued. When a student has received four detentions for tardiness in a quarter, then he or she may receive an in-school suspension for a duration determined by the administration.” – (Finish Strong Titans! You have only 9 school days left to go!) A