SENIORS – A few important reminders:

  • You must tell your counselor if you are applying for a scholarship and give her a printout/hard copy of the information at least two weeks in advance of the deadline. 
  • Remember to send your official test scores to all colleges to be considered for academic scholarships.  Request your scores directly from your College Board and/or ACT account.  It’s now taking approximately 4-6 weeks for scores to get sent and matched to your application.
  • Tell your counselor if there are still colleges you are applying to and add these colleges to your Naviance account.  If colleges are not in your Naviance account your counselor can not send the required documents.  Plan to submit all applications to colleges prior to Thanksgiving break.


Attention CPA students, we are collecting items to put together birthday bags for kids who are in foster care.  There are two boxes – one in the cafeteria and one in the forum – each box has a list of objects that can be donated.  We need everything from toys, to cake mix, candles, blankets, etc. Let’s help and give these kids the best birthday we can as a CPA family.  Thank you for all your donations.  

Titans! The mural has commenced! Over the weekend we painted the entire pony wall in the “underpainting” which is the reflective water pond of Monet’s Waterlilies. Stay tuned! HS students and serious MS students (Just see Ms Summa for approval MS!) Join us if so inclined! We welcome your help. As always, see Ms. Summa with questions.