HS only: 

Listen for the following locations which affect all High School students this afternoon. Today will be different due to the 11th and 12th grade Awards Ceremony. Please pay attention and go where you are supposed to be. See your teachers or Mrs. Stephens if you have any questions about where to go.

9th graders, you will have lunch as normal in the cafeteria, then you will all go to the field for Lyceum. There will be no tutoring today due to the ceremony. Please go to the field with Mr. King and Mr. Lindbloom at the usual Lyceum time. 9th graders will go to their normal 5th and 6th period classes today. 

10th through 12th graders, you will have lunch in the cafeteria and ramada areas, then you will go to the GYM for the awards ceremony. Sit in your assigned seating areas where you rehearsed last week, and with your 5th period class for 10th graders. There will be ushers in the Gym to help you find your seats. 


Lyceum for Middle School is as usual.

Hey middle school boys, are you guys looking for a chance to compete in a fun basketball tournament at the end of the school year? A former Great Hearts student is inviting you to participate in the first annual 3v3 Basketball Tournament to win NBA and NFL jerseys, autographs and much more! Cost for registration will be $15.00 per team. The tournament will be hosted at CPA on May 28th and 29th. To see more details and sign up, check out the flyers posted around the school and sign up in the cafeteria, forum, or athletic office. last day to sign up is May 25th! 


Yearbooks are finally here!

Yearbook distribution will be today, Monday, May 23 in the library – before and after school. If you forgot to pre-order your yearbook, we have extra copies for sale – first come, first served – $75, cash or check, same time and location.   Please see Mrs Ferrell, Izzie Krob, or Jamison Small if you have questions.  

PLEASE CONTINUE TO BRING ROLLS OF PAPER TOWELS all this week for our friends at Liberty Wildlife. Thank you for caring and sharing!


Recent events 

We would like to thank the Logic and Coding students for creating two computer programs that will be used for Mentoring and Subbing beginning next year.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Pledge of Allegiance