The Chandler Prep faculty created an amazing array of beautiful and fun cakes this year!

All in the Name of Science   *  Presented by: Ms. Caporali

The Pirates of Penzance  *  Presented by: Ms. Giles and Ms. Stephens

Nigel  *  Presented by: Mr. Bateman

The Force Is Always With Us!   *   Presented by: Ms. Somsen

Dragon Cake   *   Presented by: Ms. Carpenter

Bee One in a Million   *   Presented by: Ms. Goodwin

Extraordinary Chocolate Stout Cake:  The Power of Chocolate to the 3rd Power   *   Presented by: Ms. Pyde (Best Overall)

Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)   *   Presented by: Ms. Ferretti and Ms. McGuill

Raise the Dough   *   Presented by: Ms. Ferrell

Let them eat Cake!   *   Presented by: Ms. Boynton

Open Your Mind to Great Books   *   Presented by: The Lady LitCompers (Ms. Baughman, Ms. Ross, and Ms. Sexton)

Flying Cake   *   Presented by: Ms. Secunda

S’mores, more Please   *   Presented by: Ms. Farnham and Ms. Fore (Most Creative)

Pastel de Tres Leches   *   Presented by: Señora Kurus

A delicious cookie a day   *   Presented by: Ms. Kendrick (Most Original)

The Fluffiest Cake   *   Presented by: Ms. Bell

The Ball Stopper   *   Presented by: Mr. Lytle

The Best of Dark and Bright   *   Presented by: Ms. Brady

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