The PSO plays an important role in communicating at Chandler Prep.  This committee is responsible for overseeing the communications at Chandler Prep between parents, faculty, and staff through the PSO website, articles in the school newsletter, and physical signs and flyers.  As a service to Chandler Prep families, the PSO posts the daily student announcements each day on the homepage of the website.

Website Administrator
Amy Filler and Tamiko Azuma

The website administrators oversee announcements and postings for the newsletter and website.  These individuals will receive items of communication and edit, compile, and submit them for approval to be published on the website.

Website Designer
Carrie White

Weekly Newsletter Coordinator
Tamiko Azuma

This volunteer helps compile and help compose the announcements and articles to be submitted to the school for their weekly newsletter each Monday.

Sign Coordinator

Do you like to make flyers or posters?  A volunteer (or two) is needed to post news of PSO events in the box in front of the school and to help with signs, flyers, and posters for school events throughout the year.  For more information, contact

Volunteer Coordinator
Heather Janesky

This volunteer organizes volunteers who wish to be involved in the communications between the PSO, parents, students, faculty, and staff.

Family Directory Coordinator
Shannon Brodnik

This coordinator works with the school in compiling a directory of contact information for all Chandler Prep families who wish to be included.