PSO Board and Committees

The PSO Board  oversees activities hosted by the Parent Service Organization.  The Board is comprised of six elected officers:  Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, and Co-Treasurers.

The 2020-2021 PSO Board 
Erika Nelson, Co-President:
Jeni Severa, Co-President:
Melissa German, Vice President:
Zandra Cheung, Secretary:
Pam Morris, Co-Treasurer:
Sarah Davis, Co-Treasurer:

Chandler Prep PSO Committees (2019-2020)

Faculty Birthdays, Erika Nelson:
Mailbox Treats, Jen Blair:
Hot Lunch Online Ordering, Anabella Pietri:
Hot Lunch Volunteers, Natalie Garner:
Hot Lunch Vendors, Jeni Severa:
Parent Mentor, Anant VanOrdt:
Compassionate Service, Dori Schubring:
Volunteer Coordinator:
Used School Uniform Sales, Toni De Losa:
Newsletter, Tamiko Azuma:
Faculty Meals, Anant VanOrdt
Student Socials, Sandy Martinez:
Website, Amy Filler & Carrie White:
Family Directory, Shannon Brodnik:
Vending, Alison Jordan:
Community Dinners, TBD
Amazon Smile Program & G Suites Administrator: