Lunch Program

The PSO administers the hot lunch program at CPA.  There are a variety of ways to contribute your time and talents in the lunch program.  If you only have a couple of hours a month, please consider volunteering to distribute lunches during lunch time.   Volunteering for this job is a great way to see your child and their friends during the school day, meet other parents and support this very important program. If you can’t commit to every week (or every other week), ask to be on the substitute list. Substitutes are asked to fill in on occasional days when regular lunch volunteers can’t make it.
If you want to be a little more involved, consider one of the following opportunities:

Lunch Volunteers Needed

We need you to help hand out hot lunches, sell concessions and restock the vending machine from 10:30am-1pm. Please contact the lunch volunteer coordinator to be added to the calendar 1x-2x per month. Or sign up as a fill in!

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator
Andrea Rodriguez

Would you like to get to know more parents at CPA, or see your child during the school day?  Consider this position.  This volunteer organizes the parents who distribute lunches at CPA during lunch time. He or she keeps an ongoing schedule of which parents will serve on any given day.   This coordinator will make sure all lunch volunteers are trained and understand the duties of hot lunch service.

Lunch Online Coordinators
Betty Yeung & Erin Stoutenburg

Would you like an opportunity to volunteer you can do from home?  Consider this position.  The  PSO uses BOONLI to take hot lunch orders from parents. This coordinator will be responsible for adding items to the menu library, putting menus online each quarter, and pulling reports to email to the front office staff at CPA for printing.