The Chandler Prep community certainly had its Game On at this year’s Titan Triad!  We would like to acknowledge ALL the faculty, staff, students, and parents who volunteered or attended this year’s Titan Triad! With our gratitude to the numerous people in our Chandler Prep Community who helped make this an outstanding event.  Of course, with so many people to thank, a name may inadvertently be left out, our apologies if this occurs.


We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Titan Triad Committee, who spent so much time and effort coordinating this event: 

Chandler Prep Musical Performances

 Thank you to the fantastic Chandler Prep Performing Groups: The Jazz Ensemble under the Direction of Mr. Gottry, More?

Titan Talent Show

The Titan Talent Show was a HUGE success! Thank you to the many talented students (and faculty!) who performed on stage.  Many thanks to Nancy Barger for organizing the Titan Talent Show and wonderful stage performances. Thanks to the amazing MC’s Ali Cohen and Ms. Caporali who kept the show rocking! And, of course, thank you to the great Olympian judges: Mr. Myers (Hades), Mr. Bateman (Poseidon), Ms. Giles (Hera), Mr. Allen (Shaun White) & Mr. Swanstrom (Michael Phelps).




The Raffle and Silent Auction

Many families participated in the RAFFLE! and there were many happy winners!  Thank you to Lynne Meagher for coordinating the raffle and getting the prizes donated! Our gratitude to all the companies for their generous donations.


The Cake Auction


The Chandler Prep PSO extends special appreciation to:

Headmaster Poppleton

Assistant Headmaster Haley and Assistant Headmaster Brady

C-Pac (Mrs. Goodwin – Advisor)

Key-Club (Mrs. Kendrick – Advisor)

World Language Club (Mrs. Kurus, Ms. Boynton – Advisor)

The Jazz Ensemble under the Direction of Mr. Gottry

The Chandler Prep Men’s Choir under the Direction of Mr. Ewer

Select Recorder Ensemble under the Direction of Mrs. Gottry

All our Talented Titan Student Performers

Sound Technician, Mr. Riding

Our faculty and administration for their support

Anton Uniforms for helping us with the amazing Triad T-Shirts confirm

The Vendors: Add

The Triad coordinators/volunteers: Paige Dempsey (Chair), Nancy Barger (Talent Show), add more