All School Family Picnic Recap & Appreciation

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All School Family Picnic Recap & Appreciation

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Thank you to all the Chandler Prep and Archway families who joined in the picnic festivities and supported the Junior Class “Running of the Nerds!”  The weather, food, games, community, races, silent auction – all fabulous fun! This event would not have been possible without the many volunteers who helped put it on!


Special Acknowledgements

Archway PSO Co-Leads: Angela Tucker and Jill Smith

Chandler Prep Co-President: Paige Dempsey

Chandler Prep PSO Picnic Coordinator – Sarah Davies

Junior Class & Running of the Nerds coordinators: Lynne Meagher & Christina Staring

Carol Wolf for sponsoring the event at the SRP Pera Club and The SRP Pera Club

Wade & Jennifer Swanson and Bar S for their generous donations

Our fantastic faculty & staff who participated in the races, faculty / student volleyball & basketball games, and great-heartedly joined in for the silly “Cheeto Head” game!

Archway Dad’s Club: Wade Swanson, Gordon Vassall, Geoff Adams, Bob Tucker, Todd Conklin, John Mullins, Eric Fischbeck, Dan Barrett, & Mr. Dostal

Key Club Volunteers & Mrs. Kendrick

Picnic Announcer: Andrew Sherrill

Athletic Directors: Mr. Lytle and Jen Bradley

Additional Gratitude to: Elaine Rand, Anjanette Ludwig, Amy Filler, Carrie White, and Michelle Brezenski