Teacher Appreciation Week is THIS WEEK: April 30 to May 3

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Teacher Appreciation Week is THIS WEEK: April 30 to May 3. “Goodie bags” labeled for each faculty and staff member will be located in the forum beginning on Monday morning, April 30th. Any gifts can be deposited in their personal bag that week(or handed in person)Remember to include Teachers, Counselors, and Athletic Department.

Be as creative as you’d like and especially consider sharing some of your culture and heritage with them! Items may be brought in throughout the week. Here are some ideas:

Thank you notes: A thank you goes a long way for the amount of time our teachers spend on our children’s success. Let them know they are appreciated! . There will also be cards in the forum for students to write notes on. (gift cards optional)

 Coffee Shop/Book Store Theme– bookmarks, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Coffee shop gift cards

White board markers and erasers, Sharpies, school supplies, post-it notes: These are always welcomed and needed items.

Individual Treats: Bring in an individual treat for your teachers, such as something yummy from your culture/heritage or their favorite candy or snack.

You can check out the Faculty and Staff preference list for more ideas: Click here

Put something in a teacher’s bag that will make their day!